Amati Sailors Miniatures 22 - 25 - 35 mm in Metal

Amati Model
Sailors Miniatures in metal
22 - 25 - 35 mm
Review Type: 
Building review
Contents & Media: 
Metal alloy
Many poses, not fragile, different sizes
being metal crafted, you need to primer them carefully
Final verdict: 
Very Recomended

Ok guys... don't look at the quality of the painted figures... I has never been good painting figures, and the purpose of this my silly attempt was just to make easier to see how the figures look.

In fact, being made of metal, however I moved the lights, there were always lot of reflection on the unpainted miniatures, and the only way to pull them away was to paint at least 3 samples, one for each size.

Amati has a full range of sailors figures (for the full range, visit their page ) in 3 different size: 22, 25 and 35 millimeters.

They are made with a alloy of zinc and manganese, so you don't need to manipulate them as fragile jewels, like the resing figures.

The range of subjects is wide, from normal sailors to officers, and the same for the poses. A small amount of flash is present, but it can be easily removed with a file and sand paper.

I strongly suggest to prime the figures before to paint them (i used the Mr Metal Primer) because being made in metal, the paints need a strong foundation.








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